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Definitely! You would first need to thoroughly clean your door, sand down any rust and wait for it to completely dry. You would then need to use primer and paint specifically made for the material of your door. Not only will this give your door an instant facelift, it will assist in protecting your garage door against weather damage and could even increase your door’s lifespan.
Aluminum garage doors are ideal for high moisture regions. The best property of aluminum is that it doesn't rust and that's why it's used in many applications. Though, if you also need strong garage doors, you might need to reconsider it. Aluminum is very lightweight and can be blown by strong winds easily.
Such problem is usually due to garage door opener issues. It's best to check the up force of the door and make the right adjustments. The time travel of the door is set by the opener and defines its opening and closing position. Also, check whether there's something obstructing the movement of the rollers.

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